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Title: City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas, Author: Roger Crowley Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Magnifico: The Brilliant Life and Violent Times of Lorenzo de' Medici, Author: Miles J. Unger Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Monarchia, Author: Dante Alighieri
Title: Italian Dynasties; The Great Families of Italy from the Renaissance to the Present Day, Author: Edward Burman
Title: The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, Author: Jacob Burckhardt
Title: Power and Imagination: City-States in Renaissance Italy, Author: Lauro Martines
Title: World of the Italian Renaissance, Author: E. R. Chamberlin
Title: The Art of War in Italy 1494-1529, Author: F.L. Taylor Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Civilization Renaissance Italy / Edition 3, Author: Jacob Burckhardt
Title: Vile Florentines, Author: Timothy Holmes
Title: Renaissance Tapestry: The Gonzaga of Mantua, Author: Kate Simon
Title: Sir John Hawkwood: Chivalry and the Art of War, Author: Stephen Cooper Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Venice: The Hinge of Europe, 1081-1797, Author: William Mcneill
Title: Florentine Painting and Its Social Background, Author: Frederick Antal
Title: Renaissance Florence, Author: G. A. Brucker
Title: The Borgias, Author: Marion Johnson
Title: The Italian Renaissance Reader, Author: Mark Musa
Title: History of Islamic Sicily, Author: Aziz Ahmad
Title: Florence and the Medici; The Pattern of Control, Author: John Rigby Hale
Title: Imperial Age of Venice, Author: David Chambers

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