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Title: City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas, Author: Roger Crowley
Title: House of Medici: Its Rise and Fall, Author: Christopher Hibbert
Title: The Venetians: A New History: From Marco Polo to Casanova, Author: Paul Strathern
Title: The Borgias and Their Enemies: 1431-1519, Author: Christopher Hibbert
Title: Medici Money: Banking, Metaphysics, and Art in Fifteenth-Century Florence, Author: Tim Parks
Title: The Art of War in Italy 1494-1529, Author: F.L. Taylor
Title: April Blood: Florence and the Plot against the Medici, Author: Lauro Martines
Title: The Renaissance: A Short History, Author: Paul Johnson
Title: The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, Author: Jacob Burckhardt
Title: Sir John Hawkwood: Chivalry and the Art of War, Author: Stephen Cooper
Title: The Montefeltro Conspiracy: A Renaissance Mystery Decoded, Author: Marcello Simonetta
Title: Murder of a Medici Princess, Author: Caroline P. Murphy
Title: Magnifico: The Brilliant Life and Violent Times of Lorenzo de' Medici, Author: Miles J. Unger
Title: The Black Prince of Florence: The Spectacular Life and Treacherous World of Alessandro de' Medici, Author: Catherine Fletcher
Title: Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy: A Primer in the Social History of Pictorial Style, Author: Michael Baxandall
Title: The Norman Conquest of Southern Italy and Sicily, Author: Gordon S. Brown
Title: Italy in the Age of the Renaissance: 1300-1550 / Edition 1, Author: John M. Najemy
Title: Dino Compagni's Chronicle of Florence, Author: University of Pennsylvania Press
Title: The Deadly Sisterhood: A Story of Women, Power, and Intrigue in the Italian Renaissance, 1427-1527, Author: Leonie Frieda
Title: Condottiere 1300-1500: Infamous Medieval Mercenaries, Author: David Murphy

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