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Title: The City in Which I Love You / Edition 1, Author: Li-Young Lee
Title: Donkey Gospel, Author: Hoagland
Title: Song / Edition 1, Author: Brigit Pegeen Kelly
Title: The Country between Us, Author: Carolyn Forché
Title: The Dead and the Living, Author: Sharon Olds
Title: Duende, Author: Tracy K. Smith
Title: The Long Meadow, Author: Vijay Seshadri
Title: The Book of Goodbyes, Author: Jillian Weise
Title: Human Dark with Sugar, Author: Brenda Shaughnessy
Title: Flies, Author: Michael Dickman
Title: The Game of Boxes: Poems, Author: Catherine Barnett
Title: Crime Against Nature, Author: Minnie Bruce Pratt
Title: Deep within the Ravine, Author: Philip Schultz
Title: The Night of the Hammer, Author: Ned O'Gorman
Title: The Private Life, Author: Lisel Mueller
Title: Spar, Author: Karen Volkman
Title: The End of Pink, Author: Kathryn Nuernberger
Title: Campo Santo: Poems by Susan Wood, Author: Susan Wood
Title: Presentation Piece, Author: Marilyn Hacber
Title: Unfinished Painting, Author: Mary Jo Salter

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