Title: Gentleman's Agreement, Author: Laura Z. Hobson
Title: Inside, Outside, Author: Herman Wouk
Title: Have I Got a Story for You: More Than a Century of Fiction from The Forward, Author: Ezra Glinter
Title: The Mapmaker's Daughter, Author: Laurel Corona
Title: Closer to Fine: A Novel, Author: Jodi S. Rosenfeld
Title: Rabbi: A Novel, Author: Noah Gordon
Title: The Tremble of Love: A Novel of the Baal Shem Tov, Author: Ani Tuzman
Title: The Vanisher Variations, Author: Libi Astaire
Title: The Latke in the Library & Other Mystery Stories for Chanukah, Author: Libi Astaire
Title: Finding Rebecca, Author: Eoin Dempsey
Title: The Nazi and The Barber, Author: Edgar Hilsenrath
Title: Miriam, Ever Watchful, Author: Ann Letzter
Title: Washing the Dead, Author: Michelle Brafman
Title: The Romance of a Shop, Author: Amy Levy
Title: A Jewish Refugee in New York: Rivke Zilberg's Journal, Author: Kadya Molodovsky
Title: El jardín del mar / The Sea Garden, Author: Sophie Goldberg
Title: People Speak 4, Author: Chaim Walder
Title: The Reason of Fools, Author: Dodie Cantrell-Bickley
Title: Destiny of a Stranger.: Second Edition, Author: Ruth V.N. Benjamin PhD
Title: Judith Trachtenberg, Author: Karl Emil Franzos

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