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Title: The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story, Author: Diane Ackerman
Title: Irena's Children: The Extraordinary Story of the Woman Who Saved 2,500 Children from the Warsaw Ghetto, Author: Tilar J. Mazzeo
Title: Escape from Sobibor, Author: Richard Rashke
Title: Bad Rabbi: And Other Strange but True Stories from the Yiddish Press, Author: Eddy Portnoy
Title: Auschwitz Escape - The Klara Wizel Story, Author: Danny Naten
Title: Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project, Author: Jack Mayer
Title: Fragments of Isabella: A Memoir of Auschwitz, Author: Isabella Leitner
Title: Pushing Time Away: My Grandfather and the Tragedy of Jewish Vienna, Author: Peter Singer
Title: Destined to Live: One Woman's War, Life, Loves Remembered, Author: Diana Bagnall
Title: The Seamstress, Author: Sara Tuval Bernstein
Title: Gertruda's Oath: A Child, a Promise, and a Heroic Escape During World War II, Author: Ram Oren
Title: Auschwitz: A New History / Edition 1, Author: Laurence Rees
Title: Amidst the Shadows of Trees: A Holocaust Child's Survival in the Partisans, Author: Miriam M. Brysk
Title: Death on the Black Sea: The Untold Story of the 'Struma' and World War II's Holocaust at Sea, Author: Douglas Frantz
Title: Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen and the Invention of the Holocaust, Author: Richard Rhodes
Title: Sala's Gift: My Mother's Holocaust Story, Author: Ann Kirschner
Title: Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland, Author: Jan T. Gross
Title: Bielski Brothers: The True Story of Three Men Who Defied the Nazis, Built a Village in the Forest, and Saved 1,200 Jews, Author: Peter Duffy
Title: Alicia: My Story, Author: Alicia Appleman
Title: The Crime and the Silence: Confronting the Massacre of Jews in Wartime Jedwabne, Author: Anna Bikont

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