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Title: My Father's Paradise: A Son's Search for His Family's Past, Author: Ariel Sabar
Title: The Aleppo Codex: A True Story of Obsession, Faith, and the Pursuit of an Ancient Bible, Author: Matti Friedman
Title: Sacred Trash: The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza, Author: Adina Hoffman
Title: Future Tense: Jews, Judaism, and Israel in the Twenty-first Century, Author: Jonathan Sacks
Title: Coming of Age in Medieval Egypt: Female Adolescence, Jewish Law, and Ordinary Culture, Author: Eve Krakowski
Title: Jews and Arabs: A Concise History of Their Social and Cultural Relations, Author: S.D. Goitein
Title: The Jews of the Middle East and North Africa in Modern Times / Edition 1, Author: Reeva Spector Simon
Title: Let Jasmine Rain Down: Song and Remembrance among Syrian Jews, Author: Kay Kaufman Shelemay
Title: History of the Jews in Baghdad, Author: David Sassoon
Title: The Essential Maimonides: Translations of the Rambam / Edition 1, Author: Moses Maimonides
Title: Among the Righteous, Author: Robert Satloff
Title: A Concise Coptic-English Lexicon / Edition 2, Author: Richard Smith
Title: The Dispersion Of Egyptian Jewry / Edition 1, Author: Joel Beinin
Title: The Geonim of Babylonia and the Shaping of Medieval Jewish Culture, Author: Robert Brody
Title: The Culture of the Babylonian Talmud, Author: Jeffrey L. Rubenstein
Title: A Mediterranean Society: The Jewish Communities of the Arab World as Portrayed in the Documents of the Cairo Geniza, Vol. I: Economic Foundations, Author: S. D. Goitein
Title: Ben-Gurion's Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad Eliminated Jews, Author: Naeim Giladi
Title: Epistles of Maimonides: Crisis and Leadership, Author: Abraham S. Halkin
Title: Birqat Teiman, Author: M. Mitchell Serels
Title: India's Bene Israel: A Comprehensive Inquiry and Sourcebook, Author: Shirley Berry Isenberg

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