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Title: Grown-Up Anger: The Connected Mysteries of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and the Calumet Massacre of 1913, Author: Daniel Wolff
Title: Striking Gridiron: A Town's Pride and a Team's Shot at Glory During the Biggest Strike in American History, Author: Greg Nichols
Title: Proletarian Peasants: The Revolution of 1905 in Russia's Southwest, Author: Robert Edelman
Title: Holding the Line: Woman in the Great Arizona Mine Strike of 1983, Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Title: Bloody Williamson: A Chapter in American Lawlessness, Author: Paul M. Angle
Title: The Pullman Case: The Clash of Labor and Capital in Industrial America / Edition 1, Author: David Ray Papke
Title: The Unfinished Struggle: Turning Points in American Labor / Edition 1, Author: Steve Babson
Title: A City in Terror: Calvin Coolidge and the 1919 Boston Police Strike, Author: Francis Russell
Title: Reflections on Violence, Author: Georges Sorel
Title: United Apart: Gender and the Rise of Craft Unionism, Author: Ileen A. DeVault
Title: The Democratic Class Struggle, Author: Walter Korpi
Title: Militancy, Market Dynamics, and Workplace Authority: The Struggle over Labor Process Outcomes in the U.S. Automobile Industry, 1946 to 1973, Author: James R. Zetka Jr.
Title: Essays In Southern Labor History, Author: Gary M. Fink
Title: Street's, Railroads, and the Great Strike of 1877 / Edition 1, Author: David O. Stowell
Title: Workers on Strike: France, 1871-1890, Author: Michelle Perrot
Title: Strike: Thatcher, Scargill and the Miners, Author: Sunday Times
Title: Shanghai on Strike: The Politics of Chinese Labor / Edition 1, Author: Elizabeth J. Perry
Title: International and European Protection of the Right to Strike (Monographs on Labour Law Series), Author: Tonia Novitz
Title: Worker Resistance under Stalin, Author: Jeffrey J ROSSMAN
Title: Union Busting in the Tri-State: The Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri Metal Workers Strike of 1935, Author: George G. Suggs

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