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Title: Big History, Author: Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff
Title: Planetwalker: 22 Years of Walking, 17 Years of Silence, Author: John Francis
Title: The Environment in Anthropology (Second Edition): A Reader in Ecology, Culture, and Sustainable Living, Author: Nora Haenn
Title: Of Rock and Rivers: Seeking a Sense of Place in the American West, Author: Ellen Wohl
Title: The Environment in World History / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Mosley
Title: Next Year Country: Dust to Dust in Western Kansas, 1890-1940 / Edition 1, Author: Craig Miner
Title: Biosphere and the Noosphere Reader: Global Environment, Society and Change, Author: David Pitt
Title: Sociological Theory and the Environment: Classical Foundations, Contemporary Insights / Edition 384, Author: Riley E. Dunlap
Title: Environmental Issues In American History, Author: Chris J. Magoc
Title: Logic of Environmentaism, Author: Vassos Argyrou
Title: Society and Nature: Changing Our Environment, Changing Ourselves / Edition 1, Author: Peter Dickens
Title: Nature's Way: Native Wisdom for Living in Balance with the Earth, Author: Ed McGaa
Title: Action for Human Settlements, Author: C. I. Doxiadis
Title: Humans as Components of Ecosystems: The Ecology of Subtle Human Effects and Populated Areas, Author: Mark J. McDonnell
Title: Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs, Author: Jonathan Barnett
Title: Human Landscapes in Classical Antiquity: Environment and Culture, Author: John Salmon
Title: Maps and Dreams, Author: Hugh Brody
Title: Contested Natures / Edition 1, Author: Phil Macnaghten
Title: Mountain Area Research and Management: Integrated Approaches, Author: Martin F. Price
Title: Health: The Science of Human Adaptation, Author: Charles R. Carroll

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