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Title: Legba's Crossing: Narratology in the African Atlantic, Author: Heather Russell
Title: Refusal Of The Shadow / Edition 1, Author: Krzysztof Fijalkowski
Title: Trauma and Survival in Contemporary Fiction / Edition 1, Author: Laurie Vickroy
Title: Paradise And Plantation / Edition 1, Author: Ian Gregory Strachan
Title: The Repeating Island: The Caribbean and the Postmodern Perspective / Edition 2, Author: Antonio Benitez-Rojo
Title: Birth of Caribbean Civilisation, Author: O. Nigel Bolland
Title: The Limits of Autobiography: Trauma, Testimony, Theory, Author: Leigh Gilmore
Title: Caribbean Discourse / Edition 1, Author: Edouard Glissant
Title: The Repeating Island: The Caribbean and the Postmodern Perspective, Author: Antonio Benitez-Rojo
Title: Natural Mysticism: Towards a New Reggae Aesthetic / Edition 1, Author: Kwame Dawes
Title: Black Cosmopolitanism: Racial Consciousness and Transnational Identity in the Nineteenth-Century Americas, Author: Ifeoma Kiddoe Nwankwo
Title: The English Language and the Construction of Cultural and Social Identity in Zimbabwean and Trinbagonian Literatures / Edition 1, Author: Edmund Olushina Bamiro
Title: Motherlands: Black Women's Writings from Africa, the Caribbean, and South Asia, Author: Susheila Nasta
Title: Trances, Dances and Vociferations: Agency and Resistance in Africana Women's Narratives, Author: Nada  Elia
Title: Critics on Caribbean Literature: Readings in Literary Criticism, Author: Edward Baugh
Title: Changing Currents: Transnational Caribbean Literary and Cultural Criticism, Author: Emily Allen Williams
Title: Alien-Nation and Repatriation: Translating Identity in Anglophone Caribbean Literature, Author: Patricia Joan Saunders
Title: Jean Rhys's Historical Imagination: Reading and Writing the Creole, Author: Veronica Marie Gregg
Title: The Poetics of Empire: A Study of James Grainger's the Sugar Cane / Edition 1, Author: James Grainger
Title: Modernism and Negritude: The Poetry and Poetics of Aime Cesaire, Author: A. James Arnold

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