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Title: UNDERDOGS / Edition 1, Author: Mariano Azuela
Title: Sor Juana: Beauty and Justice in the Americas, Author: Michelle A. Gonzalez
Title: Mexican Literature: A History, Author: David William Foster
Title: Octavio Paz, Author: Nicholas Caistor
Title: Juana Ines De La Cruz And Theology: Theology, Author: George Tavard
Title: Conflict and Transition in Rural Mexico: The Fiction of Social Realism, Author: Harry L. Rosser
Title: Colonial Angels: Narratives of Gender and Spirituality in Mexico, 1580-1750, Author: Elisa Sampson Vera Tudela
Title: Tras los Murmullos: Lecturas Mexicanas y Escandinavs de Pedro Páramo, Author: Anne Marie Ejdesgaard Jeppesen
Title: Toward A Latina Feminism Of The Americas, Author: Anna Marie Sandoval
Title: Plotting Women: Gender and Representation in Mexico / Edition 1, Author: Jean Franco
Title: Gender and Allegory in Transamerican Fiction and Performance, Author: K. Sugg
Title: Voices, Visions, and a New Reality: Mexican Fiction Since 1970, Author: J. Ann Duncan
Title: Octavio Paz: Dichterfuerst im mexikanischen Korporativismus, Author: Thomas Brons
Title: Mexican Novel Comes of Age, Author: Walter M. Langford
Title: Textured Lives: Women, Art and Representation in Modern Mexico, Author: Claudia Schaefer
Title: Colonial Angels, Author: Elisa Sampson Vera Tudela
Title: The Writings Of Carlos Fuentes, Author: Raymond Leslie Williams
Title: Poetry and the Realm of the Public Intellectual: The Alternative Destinies of Gabriela Mistral, Cecilia Meireles, and Rosario Castellanos, Author: Karen Pena
Title: Luis Leal Reader, Author: Luis Leal
Title: The Fragmented Novel in Mexico: The Politics of Form, Author: Carol Clark D'Lugo

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