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Title: The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town, Author: John Grisham
Title: John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster, Author: Sam L. Amirante
Title: Death of a Jewish American Princess: The True Story of a Victim on Trial, Author: Shirley Frondorf
Title: Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual / Edition 4, Author: John Boston
Title: Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges, Author: Antonin Scalia
Title: Criminal Evidence / Edition 8, Author: Judy Hails
Title: Pretrial / Edition 9, Author: Thomas A. Mauet
Title: Perfect Victim, Author: Christine McGuire
Title: Courts: A Text/Reader / Edition 2, Author: Cassia C. Spohn
Title: Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, Fourth Edition / Edition 4, Author: Stuart H. James
Title: The Blooding, Author: Joseph Wambaugh
Title: Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining: America's Toughest Family Court Judge Speaks Out, Author: Judy Sheindlin
Title: Forensic Science: From the Crime Scene to the Crime Lab / Edition 3, Author: Richard Saferstein
Title: America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System / Edition 12, Author: David W. Neubauer
Title: A Practical Guide To Appellate Advocacy, Fourth Edition / Edition 4, Author: Beazley
Title: Celia, A Slave, Author: Melton A Mclaurin
Title: Bad Blood, Author: Don Davis
Title: The Hollow Hope: Can Courts Bring about Social Change? / Edition 2, Author: Gerald N. Rosenberg
Title: Disorder in the Court, Author: Charles M. Sevilla
Title: DADDY'S GIRL: The Campbell Murder Case - A Saga of Texas Justice, Author: Clifford Irving

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