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Title: Jueces sin Estado: La justicia colombiana en zonas de conflicto armado, Author: Mauricio García Villegas
Title: The Guerrilla Guide to Legal Research: Finding the Law for Non-Lawyers, Author: Lawyer X
Title: Lexis: A Legal Research Manual, Author: Kathleen M. Carrick
Title: A teoria da aparência e seus reflexos no direito brasileiro, Author: Mateus Bicalho Melo de Chavinho
Title: Immoral Traffic - Prostitution in India, Author: V Sithannan
Title: The Legal Research Manual: A Game Plan for Legal Research and Analysis / Edition 2, Author: Christopher G. Wren
Title: Jagged Rocks of Wisdom--The Memo: Mastering the Legal Memorandum, Author: Morten Lund
Title: Guerra irregular y constitucionalismo en Colombia, Author: Viridiana Molinares Hassan
Title: Implementation and Outcome Evaluation of the Intensive Aftercare Program, Final Report, Author: Richard G. Wiebush
Title: User's Guide to the
Title: Support for the Department in Conducting an Analysis of Diversity in the Attorney Workforce, Author: US Department of Justice
Title: Using American Law Books, Author: Alfred J. Lewis
Title: Inter-Agency Response to Domestic Violence in a Medium Sized City, Author: Erin Lane
Title: Fight Back & Win! - How to Beat Your RED LIGHT CAMERA TICKET Even If You Donít Know the Law, Author: Alex Kemp
Title: The Military Commander and the Law 11th Edition 2012, Author: United States Government US Air Force
Title: U.S. Railroad Law 2015 (USC 45, Annotated), Author: Benjamin Camp
Title: U.S. Navigation and Navigable Waters Law 2015 (USC 33, Annotated), Author: Benjamin Camp
Title: THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN: Investigating the Smiley Face Serial Murder Theory, Author: Eponymous Rox
Title: Juveniles Taken into Custody: Fiscal Year 1993, Author: U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs
Title: Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations Used in American Law Books, Author: Doris M. Bieber

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