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Title: The Concept of Law / Edition 3, Author: HLA Hart
Title: Montesquieu: The Spirit of the Laws, Author: Charles de Montesquieu
Title: The Federal Judiciary: Strengths and Weaknesses, Author: Richard A. Posner
Title: The Unexpected Scalia: A Conservative Justice's Liberal Opinions, Author: David M. Dorsen
Title: Texas Jurisprudence Study Guide, Author: Vasilios A. Zerris MD Mph Msc
Title: Law and Society in Transition: Toward Responsive Law / Edition 1, Author: Philippe Nonet
Title: Natural Law and Natural Rights / Edition 2, Author: John Finnis
Title: Democracy and Distrust: A Theory of Judicial Review, Author: John Ely
Title: The Cambridge Companion to Natural Law Jurisprudence, Author: George Duke
Title: Understanding Bioethics and the Law: The Promises and Perils of the Brave New World of Biotechnology, Author: Barry R. Schaller
Title: Crafting Law on the Supreme Court: The Collegial Game / Edition 1, Author: Forrest Maltzman
Title: The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model Revisited / Edition 1, Author: Jeffrey A. Segal
Title: Great Debates in Jurisprudence, Author: Nicholas J McBride
Title: Plunder: When the Rule of Law is Illegal / Edition 1, Author: Ugo Mattei
Title: Judges and Their Audiences: A Perspective on Judicial Behavior / Edition 1, Author: Lawrence Baum
Title: Distorting the Law: Politics, Media, and the Litigation Crisis / Edition 1, Author: William Haltom
Title: Evidence Matters: Science, Proof, and Truth in the Law, Author: Susan Haack
Title: Order and Dispute: An Introduction to Legal Anthropology (Second Edition), Author: Simon Roberts
Title: Impact: How Law Affects Behavior, Author: Lawrence M. Friedman
Title: Judicial Review in an Objective Legal System, Author: Tara Smith

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