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Title: Profiles in Courage, Author: John F. Kennedy
Title: The Mccarthy Hearings, Author: Philip Brooks
Title: 200 Notable Days: Senate Stories, 1787 to 2002, Author: Senate (U.S.)
Title: The Making Of The President 1964, Author: Theodore H. White
Title: John C. Calhoun, Author: Warren Brown
Title: Joseph McCarthy: And the Cold War, Author: Victoria Sherrow
Title: Robert F. Kennedy: Promise for the Future, Author: Arlene Schulman
Title: Al Gore: Vice President of the United States (All the President's Men and Women Series), Author: Bob Italia
Title: The Right Stuff, Author: Tom Wolfe
Title: Al Gore: United States Vice President, Author: Betty Burford
Title: Joseph McCarthy: The Misuse of Political Power, Author: Daniel Cohen
Title: Huey Long: The Kingfish of Louisiana, Author: Suzanne LeVert
Title: Obama: A Promise of Change, Author: David Mendell
Title: Bob Dole: Politican, Author: Marcia Wertime
Title: What a United States Senator Does, Author: Roy Hoopes
Title: The U.S. Senate, Author: Muriel L. Dubois
Title: Obama: A Promise of Change, Author: David Mendell
Title: Faith of My Fathers: A Family Memoir, Author: John McCain
Title: Al Gore: Leader for the New Millennium, Author: Laura S. Jeffrey
Title: The Calhoun-Randolph Debate on the Eve of the War of 1812: A Primary Source Investigation, Author: Jennifer Silate

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