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Title: Maurice: A Novel, Author: E. M. Forster
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Title: Southernmost, Author: Silas House
Title: History of Violence: A Novel, Author: Édouard Louis
Title: Unexpected Hugs: Love Doesn't Take a Lot of Imagination, Author: Perry Rhew
Title: The Weekend, Author: Peter Cameron
Title: The Edge of Grace, Author: Christa Allan
Title: Semper Silence, Author: M. G. Rigau
Title: revolution ii: the paradise edition:, Author: Christian Del Pino
Title: Clifford's Blues: A Novel, Author: John A. Williams
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Title: Sexual Divide: A Journey of Hope to Bridge the Chasm, Author: George L. Olson
Title: The Second Coming of Curly Red, Author: Jody Seay
Title: The Year of Needy Girls, Author: Patricia A. Smith
Title: American Studies, Author: Mark Merlis
Title: Maybe Next Year, Author: Dave Hughes
Title: Fimi sile Forever: Heaven gave it to me, Author: Nnanna Ikpo
Title: The Yuletide Wedding, Author: Coleman Henry Pre-Order Now
Title: Father of Frankenstein, Author: Christopher Bram
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The Man on the Third Floor
by Anne Bernays
Narrated by  Paul Michael
Audiobook (Unabridged)

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Title: Instant Adult, Author: Dave Hughes
Title: Wounded, Author: Percival Everett

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