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Title: The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care, Author: Zena Sharman
Title: The Trans Guide to Mental Health and Well-Being, Author: Katy Lees
Title: The F*** Flu, Bug Chasing, And The POZ Brotherhood: A New Chapter In HIV/AIDS History:, Author: Galen Cromartie
Title: Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians: How to Stay Sane and Care for Yourself from Pre-Conception Through Birth, Author: Rachel  Pepper
Title: The HIV-Negative Gay Man: Developing Strategies for Survival and Emotional Well-Being / Edition 1, Author: Steven Ball
Title: Families and Communities Responding to AIDS, Author: Peter Aggleton
Title: AIDS, Identity, and Community: The HIV Epidemic and Lesbians and Gay Men / Edition 1, Author: Gregory M Herek
Title: Treating Lesbians and Bisexual Women: Challenges and Strategies for Health Professionals / Edition 1, Author: Elisabeth Paige Gruskin
Title: Conversations about Psychology and Sexual Orientation, Author: Janis S. Bohan
Title: Lesbian Health: What Are The Issues? / Edition 1, Author: Phyllis N. Stern
Title: Health Issues Confronting Minority Men Who Have Sex with Men / Edition 1, Author: Sana Loue
Title: Heterosexism in Health and Social Care, Author: J. Fish
Title: Gay Men Living with Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities: From Crisis to Crossroads, Author: Benjamin Lipton
Title: Punishing Disease: HIV and the Criminalization of Sickness, Author: Trevor Hoppe
Title: Against Death: The Practice of Living With Aids, Author: Robert Ariss
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Title: A Crisis of Meaning: How Gay Men Are Making Sense of AIDS, Author: Steven Schwartzberg
Title: Health Care for Lesbians and Gay Men: Confronting Homophobia and Heterosexism / Edition 1, Author: K Jean Peterson
Title: Practicing Desire: Homosexual Sex in the Era of AIDS, Author: Gary D. Dowsett
Title: EnGendering AIDS: Deconstructing Sex, Text and Epidemic / Edition 1, Author: Tasmin Wilton
Title: Caring for Lesbian and Gay People: A Clinical Guide, Author: Allan D. Peterkin
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