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Title: Vodka 1000, Author: Ray Foley
Title: The Vodka Bible, Author: Paul Knorr
Title: Viva Vodka: Colorful Cocktails with a Kick, Author: W. Park Kerr
Title: Mini Bar: Vodka: A Little Book of Big Drinks, Author: Mittie Hellmich
Title: Wodka's Greatest Hits (German Edition), Author: Matthias Marzec
Title: 40 Degrees East: An Anatomy of Vodka, Author: Nicholas Ermochkine
Title: Vodka Classified: A Vodka Lover's Companion, Author: Stuart Walton
Title: Book of Gins and Vodkas: A Complete Guide, Author: Bob Emmons
Title: Classic Vodka, Author: Nicholas Faith
Title: Vodka Cocktails: Over 50 Classic Mixes for Every Occasion, Shown in 100 Stunning Photographs, Author: Stuart Walton
Title: Vodka Cookbook: In Association with Smirnoff, Author: John Rose
Title: Vodka, Author: Maria Lia Neira Restrepo
Title: Vodka, Author: Robert Von Goeben
Title: Gin & Vodka Cocktails, Author: David Biggs
Title: The Vodka Cookbook, Author: John Rose
Title: Make Mine Vodka: 250 Classic Cocktails and Cutting-Edge Infusions, Author: Susan Waggoner
Title: VODKA, Author: Ian Wisniewski
Title: Little Book of Vodka Cocktails, Author: Hamlyn