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Title: Late Victorian Gothic Tales, Author: Roger Luckhurst
Title: Six Gothic Dramas (De Monfort, Orra, The Dream, The Family Legend, The Phantom, Witchcraft), Author: Joanna Baillie
Title: Queer Gothic, Author: George Haggerty
Title: Dead Secrets: Wilkie Collins and the Female Gothic / Edition 1, Author: Tamar Heller
Title: Maps of Heaven, Maps of Hell: Religious Terror as Memory from the Puritans to Stephen King: Religious Terror as Memory from the Puritans to Stephen King, Author: Edward Ingebretsen
Title: Brockden Brown: Three Gothic Novels: Wieland / Arthur Mervyn / EdgarHuntly, Author: Charles Brockden Brown
Title: Haunted Presence: The Numinous in Gothic Fiction, Author: S. L. Varnado
Title: Empire and the Gothic: The Politics of Genre, Author: A. Smith
Title: American Gothic Fiction: An Introduction, Author: Allan Lloyd-Smith
Title: Lesbian Gothic: Transgressive Fictions, Author: Paulina Palmer
Title: The Cambridge Companion to Fiction of the Romantic Period, Author: Richard Maxwell
Title: Victorian Gothic: Literary and Cultural Manifestations in the Nineteenth Century, Author: J. Wolfreys
Title: Ann Radcliffe: The Great Enchantress, Author: Robert Miles
Title: Spectral Readings: Towards a Gothic Geography, Author: G. Byron
Title: Ghosts of the Gothic: Austen, Eliot and Lawrence, Author: Judith Wilt
Title: Dark Angel: Gothic Elements in Shelley's Works, Author: J. B. Lyons
Title: Gothic Images of Race in Nineteenth-Century England, Author: Howard L. Malchow
Title: Le Fanu's Gothic: The Rhetoric of Darkness, Author: V. Sage
Title: The Rise of the Gothic Novel, Author: Maggie Kilgour
Title: Gothic forms of feminine fictions, Author: Susanne Becker

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