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Title: The Best Minds of My Generation: A Literary History of the Beats, Author: Allen Ginsberg
Title: Deep River: Music and Memory in Harlem Renaissance Thought, Author: Paul Allen Anderson
Title: On the Shoulders of Giants: My Journey through the Harlem Renaissance, Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Title: Magical Realism: Theory, History, Community / Edition 1, Author: Lois Parkinson Zamora
Title: Refusal Of The Shadow / Edition 1, Author: Krzysztof Fijalkowski
Title: The Symbolist Movement in Literature, Author: Arthur Symons
Title: Miss Anne in Harlem: The White Women of the Black Renaissance, Author: Carla Kaplan
Title: A Hubert Harrison Reader / Edition 1, Author: Jeffrey B. Perry
Title: When I Was Cool: My Life at the Jack Kerouac School, Author: Sam Kashner
Title: A Blue Hand: The Tragicomic, Mind-Altering Odyssey of Allen Ginsberg, a Holy Fool, a Lost Muse, a Dharma Bum, and His Prickly Bride in India, Author: Deb Baker
Title: Venice West: The Beat Generation in Southern California, Author: John Arthur Maynard
Title: Harlem Renaissance: A Brief History with Documents / Edition 1, Author: Jeffrey Brown Ferguson
Title: The Harlem Renaissance: Hub of African-American Culture, 1920-1930, Author: Steven Watson
Title: With William Burroughs: A Report from the Bunker, Author: Victor Bockris
Title: When Harlem Was in Vogue, Author: David Lewis
Title: Collected Letters, 1944-1967, Author: Neal Cassady
Title: Realism / Edition 1, Author: Pam Morris
Title: Naked Angels: Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Author: John Tytell
Title: Beerspit Night and Cursing: The Correspondence of Charles Bukowski and Sheri Martinelli, 1960-1967, Author: Charles Bukowski
Title: Harlem Renaissance / Edition 2, Author: Nathan Irvin Huggins

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