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Title: An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling, Author: Edward A. Bender
Title: A Mathematician Plays The Stock Market, Author: John Allen Paulos
Title: Regional Population Projection Models, Author: Andrei Rogers
Title: Multidimensional Man, Author: Ron Atkin
Title: Spatial Transportation Modeling / Edition 1, Author: Christian Werner
Title: Equilibrium Credit Rationing, Author: William R. Keeton
Title: SAS Technical Report P-243, SAS-STAT Software: The GENMOD Procedure, Release 6.09, Author: S A S Institute
Title: Modelling Society: An Introduction to Loglinear Analysis for Social Researchers, Author: G. Nigel Gilbert
Title: Cities and Travel, Author: Burke K. Burright
Title: Growth in Open Economics, Author: James Austin Hanson
Title: Models of Doom: A Critique of the Limits to Growth, Author: H. S. D. Cole
Title: A Tool for Evaluating Force Modernization Options, Author: Tim Bonds
Title: Simultaneous Equation Models with Measurement Error, Author: Vincent J. Geraci
Title: Statics for engineers and Scientists, Author: William C. Navidi
Title: Optimal Economic Growth with Exhaustible Resources, Author: Prem C. Garg
Title: Interpreting Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, Author: Byron D. Eastman
Title: The Marginal Product of Capital in an Aggregate Production Function, Author: Larry A. Samuelson
Title: Economy-Wide Models and Development Planning, Author: Charles Blitzer
Title: Intelligent Processing of Materials and Advanced Sensors, Author: H. N. Wadley
Title: Gene Regulation and Metabolism: Post-Genomic Computational Approaches, Author: Julio Collado-Vides

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