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Title: A First Course in Abstract Algebra / Edition 3, Author: Joseph J. Rotman
Title: Hopf Algebras and Their Actions on Rings / Edition 1, Author: Susan Montgomery
Title: Trace Rings of Generic 2 by 2 Matrices, Author: Lieven LeBruyn
Title: Ring Theory: Proceedings of the 1978 Antwerp Conference (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics Series), Author: Taylor and Francis
Title: Cohomology Rings of Finite Groups: With an Appendix: Calculations of Cohomology Rings of Groups of Order Dividing 64 / Edition 1, Author: Jon F. Carlson
Title: Cogroups and Co-Rings in Categories of Associative Rings, Author: George M. Bergman
Title: Lambda-Rings and the Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group / Edition 1, Author: Donald Knutson
Title: Integer-Valued Polynomials, Author: Paul-Jean Cahen
Title: A Course in Ring Theory, Author: Donald S. Passman
Title: Rings, Extensions, And Cohomology, Author: Andy R. Magid
Title: Projective Planes, Author: D.R. Hughes
Title: Semirings and Affine Equations over Them: Theory and Applications, Author: Jonathan S. Golan
Title: Algebraic Structures and Their Representations, Author: José Antonio de la Peña
Title: Positive Polynomials and Product Type Actions of Compact Groups, Author: D. E. Handelman
Title: Finite Commutative Rings and Their Applications / Edition 1, Author: Gilberto Bini
Title: PI-Algebras: An Introduction / Edition 1, Author: N. Jacobson
Title: Rings of Continuous Functions, Author: Leonard Gillman
Title: Skew Linear Groups, Author: M. Shirvani
Title: Commutative Rings: New Research, Author: John Lee
Title: Hoo Ring Spectra and Their Applications, Author: R. R. Bruner

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