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Title: Computability and Logic / Edition 5, Author: George S. Boolos
Title: Computability and Unsolvability, Author: Martin Davis
Title: Complex Variables, Author: Francis J. Flanigan
Title: Fourier Series, Author: Georgi P. Tolstov
Title: Fourier Series, Author: Godfrey Harold Hardy
Title: Theory and Application of Infinite Series, Author: Konrad Knopp
Title: Fourier Series and Orthogonal Functions, Author: Harry F. Davis
Title: Geometry of Complex Numbers, Author: Hans Schwerdtfeger
Title: Theory of Recursive Functions and Effective Computability / Edition 1, Author: Hartley Rogers
Title: An Introduction to the General Theory of Algorithms, Author: Michael Machtey
Title: Abstract Analytic Function Theory and Hardy Algebras / Edition 1, Author: K. Barbey
Title: Sums, Trimmed Sums and Extremes, Author: Hahn
Title: Asymptotic Behavior of Dynamical and Control Systems under Pertubation and Discretization, Author: Lars Grune
Title: Symbolic Asymptotics / Edition 1, Author: John R. Shackell
Title: An Introduction to Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series / Edition 1, Author: P.P.G. Dyke
Title: Fourier Series and Orthogonal Polynomials, Author: Dunham Jackson
Title: Univalent Functions and Orthonormal Systems, Author: Isaak M. Milin
Title: The Fourier Integral and Certain of its Applications, Author: Norbert Wiener
Title: Polynomial Response Maps, Author: E.D. Sontag
Title: Hausdorff Measures / Edition 2, Author: C. A. Rogers

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