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Title: Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda / Edition 2, Author: Noam Chomsky
Title: The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time, Author: Brooke Gladstone
Title: The Autobiography of Pat Robertson: Shout It from the Housetops! / Edition 1, Author: Pat Robertson
Title: The Extermination of Christianity: A Tryanny of Consensus, Author: Paul C. Schenck
Title: Our Media, Not Theirs: The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media, Author: Robert W. McChesney
Title: The Six Gun Mystique, Author: John G. Cawelti
Title: The Media Hates Conservatives: How It Controls the Flow of Information, Author: Dale A. Berryhill
Title: It's the Media, Stupid: Unleash the Democracy, Author: John Nichols
Title: Talking Tombstones and Other Tales of the Media Age, Author: Gary Gumpert
Title: In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities: Or, the End of the Social and Other Essays, Author: Jean Baudrillard
Title: Words That Work: It's Not What You Say, It's What People Hear, Author: Frank I. Luntz
Title: Learn to Discern, Author: Robert G. DeMoss
Title: The Truth about Power Rangers, Author: Phil Phillips
Title: Sex, Lies, and the Media, Author: Eva Marie Everson
Title: Free Speech or Propaganda?: How the Media Distorts the Truth, Author: Marlin Maddoux
Title: Danse Macabre, Author: Stephen King
Title: Winning Your Kids Back from the Media, Author: Quentin J. Schultze
Title: Incontro:Encounter/Rencontre, Author: Umberto Eco
Title: Communication, Technology and Development, Author: Hamid Mowlana
Title: Raising PG Kids in X-Rated Society, Author: Tipper Gore

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