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Title: Florida's Hurricane History, Author: Jay Barnes
Title: Storm Kings: The Untold History of America's First Tornado Chasers, Author: Lee Sandlin
Title: And Soon I Heard a Roaring Wind: A Natural History of Moving Air, Author: Bill Streever
Title: Aftermath: Images of Superstorm Sandy At The Jersey Shore, Volume 1: Ocean County, Author: David Turton
Title: Dispatches from the Edge: A Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival, Author: Anderson Cooper
Title: Filling the Ark: Animal Welfare in Disasters, Author: Leslie  Irvine
Title: Tornadoes, Author: Cari Meister
Title: Sandy: Devastation and Rebirth at the Jersey Shore, Author: Asbury Park Press
Title: Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate, and Extreme Weather of the Past and Future, Author: Adam Sobel
Title: Surviving Sandy: Long Beach Island and the Greatest Storm of the Jersey Shore, Author: Scott Mazzella PhD MD
Title: We're Still Here Ya Bastards: How the People of New Orleans Rebuilt Their City, Author: Roberta Brandes Gratz
Title: The Sociology of Katrina: Perspectives on a Modern Catastrophe / Edition 2, Author: David L. Brunsma
Title: Wind and Strategy, Author: Stuart H. Walker M.D.
Title: North Carolina Weather and Climate, Author: Peter J. Robinson
Title: Race, Place, and Environmental Justice After Hurricane Katrina: Struggles to Reclaim, Rebuild, and Revitalize New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Author: Robert D. Bullard
Title: The Gathering Wind: Hurricane Sandy, the Sailing Ship Bounty, and a Courageous Rescue at Sea, Author: Gregory A. Freeman
Title: The Great Sea Island Storm Of 1893, Author: Bill Marscher
Title: There is No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster: Race, Class, and Katrina / Edition 1, Author: Gregory Squires
Title: Images of Katrina: A personal Account, Author: Teri McCormack
Title: Nursing in the Storm: Voices from Hurricane Katrina, Author: Denise Danna

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