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Title: Rose Water and Orange Blossoms: Fresh & Classic Recipes from my Lebanese Kitchen, Author: Maureen Abood
Title: The Arabian Nights Cookbook: From Lamb Kebabs to Baba Ghanouj, Delicious Homestyle Middle Eastern Cookbook, Author: Habeeb Salloum
Title: Eat, Habibi, Eat!: Fresh Recipes for Modern Egyptian Cooking, Author: Shahir Massoud
Title: Red Sands: Reportage and Recipes through Central Asia, from Hinterland to Heartland, Author: Caroline Eden
Title: An Edible Mosaic: Middle Eastern Fare with Extraordinary Flair, Author: Faith E. Gorsky
Title: Authentic Egyptian Cooking: From the Table of Abou El Sid, Author: Nehal Leheta
Title: A Taste of Eid: A Celebration of Food and Culture - Recipes for Every Occasion, Author: Emma Marsden
Title: The Jewelled Table: Cooking, Eating & Entertaining the Middle Eastern Way, Author: Bethany Kehdy
Title: Modern Israeli Cooking: 100 New Recipes for Traditional Classics, Author: Danielle Oron
Title: Ricette di Lombardia, Author: Massimo Ghidelli
Title: Muslimische Feste und Gerichte, Author: Fayçal Hamouda
Title: The New Middle Eastern Vegetarian: Modern Recipes from Veggiestan, Author: Sally Butcher
Title: Sweet Delights from a Thousand and One Nights: The Story of Traditional Arab Sweets, Author: Habeeb Salloum
Title: Persian and International Confectionary, Author: Simin Aran
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Title: Assyrian Cookbook, Author: Beatrice Youil
Title: Chicken Shawarma, Beef Artichoke Stew, Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Pistachios & Other Healthy Recipes for Middle Eastern Food, Author: Nader Freij
Title: La cucina persiana, Author: Chiara Riccarand
Title: Family Favorites: From an All-American Family of Lebanese Descent, Author: Joyce Brown
Title: Around the Table With the Catholic Foodie: Middle Eastern Cuisine, Author: Jeff Young
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Title: Couscous and Tajines Oriental Cuisine Recipes, Author: Pierre-Emmanuel Malissin

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