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Title: Dictionary of the Opera, Author: Charles Osborne
Title: The Biographical Dictionary of Popular Music: From Adele to Ziggy, the Real A to Z of Rock and Pop, Author: Dylan Jones
Title: Unknown Legends of Rock 'n' Roll, Author: Richie Unterberger
Title: The Rock Who's Who: A Biographical Dictionary and a Critical Discography, Author: HELANDER BROCK
Title: Rockdetector, Author: Garry Sharpe-Young
Title: Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock and Soul, Author: Irwin Stambler
Title: Lillian Roxon's Rock Encyclopedia, Author: Ed Naha
Title: The International Encyclopedia of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Author: Tony Jasper
Title: Musicians of To-Day, Author: Romain Rolland
Title: All Music Guide to Rock: The Definitive Guide to Rock, Pop, and Soul / Edition 3, Author: Chris Woodstra
Title: The Big Book of Blues: A Biographical Encyclopedia: A Biographical Encyclopedia, Author: Robert Santelli
Title: Cult Rockers, Author: Wayne Jancik
Title: Who's Who in Rock, Author: Michael Bane
Title: Who's Who in Rock Video, Author: MTV Staff
Title: Whatever Happened To...?: The Ultimate Pop and Rock
Title: Rock and Roll, Author: Craig Morrison
Title: Who's Who in Rock Music, Author: William York
Title: Webster's New World Dictionary of Music, Author: Slonimsky
Title: Best of Metal: The Essential Guide, Author: Paul Elliott
Title: An International Handel Bibliography / Internationale Hindel-Bibliographie (1959-2009), Author: Hans Joachim Marx

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