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Title: Caspar Lee, Author: Caspar Lee
Title: Faces: Life, Author: Outlet
Title: A to Z of American Women in the Performing Arts, Author: Liz Sonneborn
Title: All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, Author: Maya Angelou
Title: Influence, Author: Mary Kate Olsen
Title: New Women in Art and Dance, Author: Kathleen Bowman
Title: Official Freebies for Fans: Something for Nothing or Next to Nothing!, Author: Freebies Magazine Editors Staf
Title: I Love Alfie: Quizzes, Questions, and Facts for Followers of Alfie Deyes, the King of Vlogging, Author: Michael O'Mara Books
Title: Cribs: A Guided Tour Inside the Homes of Your Favorite Stars, Author: M. M. Nathan
Title: Beating the Odds: A Teen Guide to 75 Superstars Who Overcame Adversity, Author: Mary Ellen Snodgrass Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Belieber!: Faith, Fame, and the Heart of Justin Bieber, Author: Cathleen Falsani
Title: Economic Causes, Author: Kathy Katella-Cofrancesco
Title: Got Issues Much?: Celebrities Share Their Traumas and Triumphs, Author: Randi Reisfeld
Title: Our Family Table: Recipes and Food Memories from African-American Life Models, Author: Thelma Howard Williams
Title: Celebrity Skin: Tattoos, Brands, and Body Adornments of the Stars, Author: Jim Gerard
Title: People Who Changed the World, Author: Chelsea House Publications
Title: The Kardashians: A Krazy Life, Author: Posy Edwards
Title: Time 100; Leaders and Revolutionaries, Author: Kelly Knauer
Title: People Yearbook 1998, Author: Norman People MagazinePearlstine
Title: Pro Sports Halls of Fame, Author: Scholastic Library Publishing

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