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Title: Videotext, Author: Outlet Book Company Staff
Title: Red Blood and Black Ink: Journalism in the Old West, Author: David Dary
Title: The Right-Wing Press in France, 1792-1800, Author: Jeremy D Popkin
Title: Passion and Prejudice, Author: Sallie Bingham
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Title: The Binghams of Louisville: The Dark History Behind One of America's Great Fortunes, Author: David Leon Chandler
Title: The Girls in the Balcony: Women, Men, and The New York Times, Author: Nan Robertson
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Title: The Application of Videotape to the Teaching of Reading; Implications for Global Education, Author: Richard Kritzer
Title: The Action Française and Revolutionary Syndicalism, Author: Paul Mazgaj
Title: Pulitzer Prizes 1989, Author: Kendall J. Wills
Title: The Art of Norman Rockwell, Author: Ariel Books
Title: Introducing the Single-Camera VTR System: A Layman's Guide to Videotape Recording, Author: E. Grayson Mattingly
Title: My Wayward Parent: A Book about Irvin S. Cobb, Author: Elisabeth (Cobb) Chapman