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Title: Introducing Beethoven, Author: Roland Vernon
Title: Operantics with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A Workbook, Author: Daniel Stevens
Title: Johann Sebastian Bach: Revolutionary of Music, Author: Carmel B. Reingold
Title: Paul Mccartney, Author: Kate Boyes
Title: Great Composers, Author: Stuart A. Kallen
Title: Amadeus Mozart, Author: Ibi Lepscky
Title: Mozart, Young Music Genius, Author: Francene Sabin
Title: Learn to Play Beethoven, Author: M. Durnin
Title: A Treasury of Songs for Young People, Author: Cary Santoro
Title: The 18th Century: Artists, Writers and Composers, Author: Sarah Halliwell
Title: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Musical Genius, Author: Stewart Ross
Title: J. S. Bach, Author: Albert Schweitzer
Title: Blind Boone: Missouri's Ragtime Pioneer, Author: Jack A. Batterson
Title: The Life and Times of Hector Berlioz (Masters of Music: The World's Greatest Composers Series), Author: Jim Whiting
Title: The Theatre Student: Gilbert and Sullivan Production, Author: Peter Kline
Title: Learn to Play Mozart, Author: Michael Durnin
Title: Orchestral Music: Its Story Told Through the Lives and Works of Its Foremost Composers, Author: David Ewen
Title: Mozart, Author: Alan Kendall
Title: Vocal Music, Author: David Ewen
Title: Scott Joplin and the Ragtime Years, Author: Mark Evans

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