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Title: Noro Lace: 30 Exquisite Knits, Author: Sixth&Spring Books
Title: Torchon Lacemaking: A Step-by-Step Guide, Author: Jan Tregidgo Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Tatting Collage, Author: Lindsay Rogers
Title: Loop-d-Loop Lace: More Than 30 Novel Lace Designs for Knitters, Author: Teva Durham
Title: Every Woman's Complete Guide to Tatting, Author: Barbara Foster
Title: A New Approach to Embroidered Net, Author: Edna Groves
Title: 50 New Milanese Lace Patterns, Author: Patricia Read
Title: Crochet Lace: An Illustrated Guide to Making Lace Fabrics, Author: Mary Konior
Title: The Lace-Makers of Calais, Author: Delphine Loez
Title: Needle Lace: Techniques and Inspirations, Author: Clark
Title: Youghal Lace, the Craft and the Cream, Author: Pat Earnshaw
Title: Bruges Flower Lace, Author: Edna Sutton
Title: Lace Fans, Author: Ann Collier
Title: A Visual Introduction to Bucks Point Lace, Author: Geraldine Stott
Title: The Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches, Author: Bridget M. Cook
Title: Pillow Lace: A Practical Hand-Book, Author: Elizabeth Mincoff
Title: Sleepy Eyes Knits: Wonderlace, Author: Gina House
Title: Legacy of Lace: The Complete Guide to Identifying, Collecting, and Preserving American Lace, Author: Kathleen Warnich
Title: Lace to Use, Author: Jean Withers
Title: Illustrated Dictionary of Lace, Author: Judyth L. Gwynne

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