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Title: Neoplatonism, Author: Pauliina Remes
Title: Marsilio Ficino, Author: Angela Voss
Title: Neoplatonic Philosophy: Introductory Readings, Author: John Dillon
Title: Philosophy in Late Antiquity / Edition 1, Author: Andrew Smith
Title: Theurgy and the Soul: The Neoplatonism of Iamblichus, Author: Gregory Shaw
Title: Theophany: The Neoplatonic Philosophy of Dionysius the Areopagite, Author: Eric D. Perl
Title: The Christian Platonists of Alexandria, Author: Charles Bigg
Title: Neoplatonism and Islamic Thought, Author: Parviz Morewedge
Title: Neoplatonism and Gnosticism, Author: Rich T. Wallis
Title: Neoplatonism and Contemporary Thought: Part One, Author: R. Baine Harris
Title: Neoplatonism, Author: Richard Tyrrell Wallis
Title: Mystical Monotheism: A Study in Ancient Platonic Theology, Author: John Peter Kenney
Title: Art and Magic in the Court of the Stuarts, Author: Vaughan Hart
Title: Neoplatonic Saints: The Lives of Plotinus and Proclus by their Students / Edition 1, Author: Mark Edwards
Title: Themes in Neoplatonic and Aristotelian Logic: Order, Negation, and Abstraction / Edition 1, Author: John N. Martin
Title: Neuplatonismus und Asthetik: Zur Transformationsgeschichte des Schonen, Author: Verena Lobsien
Title: Plotinus, Author: Taylor and Francis
Title: Plotinus-Arg Philosophers, Author: Lloyd P. Gerson
Title: Anatomy of Neoplatonism, Author: A. C. Lloyd

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