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Title: Multicarrier Modulation with Low PAR: Applications to DSL and Wireless / Edition 1, Author: Jose Tellado
Title: Adsl And Dsl Technologies, Author: Walter J. Goralski
Title: Next-Generation Modems: A Professional Guide to DSL and Cable Modems, Author: Gilbert Held
Title: Fundamentals Of Dsl Technology, Author: Philip Golden
Title: Understanding Digital Subscriber Line Technology, Author: Thomas Starr
Title: DSL: A Wiley Tech Brief, Author: Jennie Bourne
Title: Dsl Survival Guide, Author: Lisa Lee
Title: Implementing ADSL, Author: David Ginsburg
Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to High-Speed Internet Connections, Author: Mark Edward Edward Soper
Title: Delivering xDSL, Author: Lawrence J. Harte
Title: Broadband Access Technologies, Author: Albert A. Azzam
Title: Design and Analysis of High Efficiency Line Drivers for xDSL / Edition 1, Author: Tim Piessens
Title: Voice Over DSL: Understanding and Implementing VoDSL, Author: Richard Grigonis
Title: Remote Access Networks: Pstn, ISDN, ADSL, Internet and Wireless, Author: Chander Dhawan
Title: Residential Broadband Networks: XDSL, HFC and Fixed Wireless Access, Author: Uyless D. Black
Title: ADSL: Standards, Implementation, and Architecture / Edition 1, Author: Charles K. Summers
Title: Broadband Internet: Access, Regulation and Policy, Author: Ellen S. Cohen
Title: DSL for Dummies: A Reference for the Rest of Us, Author: David Angell
Title: ADSL, VDSL, and Multicarrier Modulation / Edition 1, Author: John A. C. Bingham
Title: Implementation and Applications of xDSL Technology, Author: Philip Golden

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