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Title: Newton's Telecom Dictionary, Author: Harry Newton
Title: Online Gaming Starter Kit, Author: Ed Dille
Title: Newton's Telecom Dictionary: Telecommunications, Networking, Information Technologies, The Internet, Wired, Wireless, Satellites and Fiber / Edition 27, Author: Harry Newton
Title: Directory of Electronic Mail Addressing and Networks, Author: Rick Adams
Title: Microsoft Internet and Networking Dictionary, Author: Microsoft Press
Title: Complete Cyberspace Reference and Directory: An Addressing and Utilization Guide to the Internet, Electronic Mail Systems, and Bulletin Board Systems, Author: Gilbert Held
Title: Data and Telecommunications Dictionary, Author: Taylor and Francis
Title: The Encyclopedia of Networking, Electronic Edition, Author: Tom Sheldon
Title: Dictionary of Internetworking Terms and Acronyms, Author: Cisco Systems
Title: Networking and Communications Desk Reference, Author: Ken Sochats
Title: Telecommunications Illustrated Dictionary (Advanced and Emerging Communications Technologies Series), Author: J.K. Petersen
Title: Dictionary of Networking, Author: Peter Dyson
Title: A Guide to Electronic Mail Addressing and Networks, Author: Donnalyn Frey
Title: Free Electronic Networks, Author: William Shefski
Title: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addresses, Author: Rick Adams
Title: Newton's Telecom Dictionary, 17th Edition, Author: Harry Newton
Title: Data Communications and Networking Dictionary, Author: T. D. Pardoe
Title: Newton's Telecom Dictionary: The Official Dictionary of Telecommunications and the Internet, Sixteenth Expanded Edition, Author: Harry Newton
Title: The Network Press Dictionary of Networking, Author: Peter John Dyson

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