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Title: Shackleton's Captain: A Biography of Frank Worsley, Author: John Thomson
Title: Keeping a Low Profile: An Ethnology of German Immigration to New Zealand, Author: Brigitte Bonisch-Brednich
Title: History of New Zealand and its Inhabitants-- Storia Della Nuova Zelanda, Author: Dom Felice Vaggioli
Title: Girls and Women, Men & Boys: Gender in Taradale 1886-1930, Author: Caroline Daley Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Cultural Atlas of Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, Author: Richard Nile
Title: Venus in Transit: Australia's Women Travellers 1788-1930, Author: Douglas Sellick
Title: Sir Edmund Hillary: An Extraordinary Life, Author: Alexa Johnston
Title: An Officer of the Blue: Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne, South Sea Explorer 1724i1772, Author: Edward Duyker
Title: While You're Away: New Zealand Nurses at War 1899-1948, Author: Anna Rogers
Title: Knights Down Under: The Knights of Labour in New Zealand, Author: Robert E Weir
Title: Australia, New Zealand, And The United States, Author: Richard Baker
Title: German Connection: New Zealand and German-Speaking Europe in the Nineteenth Century, Author: James N. Bade
Title: Cities Unlimited: Urbanization in Australia and New Zealand, Author: L. R. Kilmartin
Title: Salt Beneath the Skin: Seafaring Kiwis Tell Their Stories, Author: Tessa Duder
Title: The Land Girls, Author: Dianne Bardsley
Title: Feminist Thought in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Differences and Connections, Author: Rosemary Du Plessis
Title: The Bookmen's Dominion: Cultural Life in New Zealand 1920-1950, Author: Christopher Ross Hilliard
Title: Living in the 20th Century New Zealand History in Photographs 1900-1980, Author: Bridget Williams
Title: Women in New Zealand Society, Author: Beryl Hughes
Title: Land of Beautiful Vision: Making a Buddhist Sacred Place in New Zealand, Author: Sally McAra

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