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Title: AS/400 Control Language Guide, Author: Brian Fu
Title: CL Programming on the AS/400-2nd edition, Author: Greg Veal
Title: AS/400 Primer: Fundamental Concepts and Training for Programmers, Administrators, and System Operations, Author: Ernie Malaga
Title: i5/OS and Microsoft Office Integration Handbook, Author: Chris Peters Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Qshell for iSeries, Author: Ted Holt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Programming in Cobol/400, Author: James Cooper
Title: The AS/400 Owner's Manual for V4, Author: Mike Dawson
Title: As/400 Application Development Using COBOL/400, Author: Gerald S. Kaplan
Title: Developing Your AS/400 Internet Strategy: A Guide to Business Solutions Created Through This Powerful Partnership, Author: Alan Arnold
Title: As/400: A Systems Programmer's Guide, Author: Mike Dawson
Title: Mastering AS/400 Performance, Author: Alan Arnold
Title: Java Application Strategies for iSeries and AS/400 [With CDROM] / Edition 2, Author: Don Denoncourt
Title: AS/400 Application Development with Visual Age Version 2.0, Author: Andi Bitterer
Title: AS/400 Client/Server Programming with Visual Basic 4.0, Author: Chris Peters
Title: AS/400: Concepts and Facilities, Author: Tony Baritz
Title: SQL/400 by Example, Author: James Coolbaugh
Title: Power CL, Author: Ted Holt
Title: Implementing as-400 Security, Author: Wayne Madden
Title: ILE by Example: A Hands-on Guide to the AS/400's Integrated Language Environment, Author: Mike Cravitz
Title: As/400 Professional System Operator Certification Study Guide, Author: Steve Murray

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