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Title: Structured COBOL Programming for the AS400 / Edition 2, Author: James Cooper
Title: SQL/400: A Professional Programmer's Guide, Author: Tim Martyn
Title: Mastering the as/400: A Practical, Hands-on Guide / Edition 3, Author: Jerry Fottral
Title: The AS/400 Programmer's Handbook: A Toolbox of Examples for Every AS/400 Programmer / Edition 1, Author: Mark McCall
Title: Fortress Rochester: The Inside Story of the IBM iSeries, Author: Frank G. Soltis
Title: Jim Sloan's CL Tips and Techniques: Pointers from a Former IBMer Who Helped Build the CL Compiler, Author: Jim Sloan
Title: Experts' Guide to OS/400 and I5/OS Security, Author: Carol Woodbury
Title: RPG-400 Programming on the AS-400 / Edition 1, Author: Stanley E. Myers
Title: Using Visual Basic with Client Access APIs, Author: Ron Jones
Title: AS-400 Security in a Client/Server Environment, Author: Joseph S. Park
Title: Java Application Strategies for the as/400, Author: Don Denoncourt
Title: Inside the AS/400: Featuring the AS/400e Series / Edition 2, Author: Frank G. Soltis
Title: Getting Down to e-Business with AS/400 / Edition 1, Author: Bob Cancilla
Title: IBM's Mid-Range Systems 3x, 9370, as-400, Author: Computer Technology Research Corp. Staf
Title: Mastering the AS/400: A Practical Hands-on Guide, Author: Jerry Fottral
Title: IBM AS/400: A Business Perspective, Author: Jim Hoskins
Title: Essentials of Subfile Programming and Advanced Topics in RPG IV, Author: Phil Levinson
Title: As/400 Professional System Operator Certification Study Guide, Author: Steve Murray
Title: The Silverlake Project: Transformation at IBM, Author: Roy A. Bauer
Title: Building AS/400 Client/Server Solutions Using Shrink-Wrapped Software and Off-the-Shelf Hardware / Edition 1, Author: Kris Neely

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