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Title: Essentials of Subfile Programming and Advanced Topics in RPG IV, Author: Phil Levinson
Title: Peer Networking on the AS/400: Practical Networking Solutions for Today's Business Applications, Author: Chris Peters
Title: Java and the as/400: Practical Examples for the Iseries and as/400, Author: Daniel Darnell
Title: Client Access/400 Expert Reader, Author: Joe Hertvik
Title: Control Language Programming for IBM i, Author: Jim Buck Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Structured COBOL Programming for the AS400 / Edition 2, Author: James Cooper
Title: Creating CL Commands by Example, Author: Lynn Nelson
Title: AS-400 Security in a Client/Server Environment, Author: Joseph S. Park
Title: Java for S/390 and AS/400 COBOL Programmers, Author: George Farr
Title: The AS/400 Owner's Manual, Author: Mike Dawson
Title: The AS/400 Starter Kit, Author: Wayne Madden
Title: AS/400 Primer: Fundamental Concepts and Training for Programmers, Administrators, and System Operations, Author: Ernie Malaga
Title: Complete CL, Author: Ted Holt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: DDS Keyword Reference, Author: James Coolbaugh
Title: AS/400 Expert: Ready-to-Run RPG/400 Techniques, Author: Julian Monypenny
Title: AS/400: Systems, Utilities, Database and Programming, Author: George Lin
Title: Navigating the AS-400: A Hands-On Guide, Author: John Enck
Title: Exploring the IBM AS/400 Advanced 36, Author: Jim Hoskins
Title: Data Warehousing and the AS/400, Author: Scott Steinacher
Title: AS/400 Programmer's Handbook, Volume II: More Toolbox Examples for Every AS/400 Programmer, Author: Mark McCall Read an excerpt of this book!

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