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Title: frank: sonnets (Pulitzer Prize Winner), Author: Diane Seuss
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Title: American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin, Author: Terrance Hayes
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Title: American Sonnets: an Anthology: (American Poets Project #25), Author: David Bromwich
Title: Moment to Moment: A Collection of Poems, Author: Sam Hendrian
Title: Kyrie, Author: Ellen Bryant Voigt
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77 Love Sonnets
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Title: Pilot Light: Sonnets and Other Poems, Author: Tina Lustig
Title: Interrobang, Author: Jessica Piazza
Title: Berryman's Sonnets, Author: John Berryman
Title: The Sonnets, Author: Ted Berrigan
Title: The Architect, Physician & the Poet, Author: Rolf Sigford
Title: Collected Sonnets, Author: Edna St. Vincent Millay
Title: The Lamp with Wings: Love Sonnets, Author: M.A. Vizsolyi
Title: Belongings: Poems, Author: Sandra M. Gilbert
Title: Vertical Elegies 5: The Section, Author: Sam Truitt
Title: the heave.: a sonnet sequence., Author: Alex Guenther
Title: The Day Prior, Author: Antonio Eramo
Title: Shakespearean Variations, Author: Ralph McInerny
Title: Sonnets from a Floating Life, Author: Don Moore Jr.
Title: the deodar seeds.: sonnets of adventure and empire., Author: Alex Guenther

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