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Title: Aesop's Fables (Barnes & Noble Signature Classics), Author: Aesop
by Aesop
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Title: Worlds of Exile and Illusion: Rocannon's World, Planet of Exile, City of Illusions, Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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Title: Tales from the Folly: A Rivers of London Short Story Collection, Author: Ben Aaronovitch
Title: Rogues, Author: George R. R. Martin
Title: The Ones That Got Away, Author: Stephen Graham Jones
Title: Once and Forever: The Tales of Kenji Miyazawa, Author: Kenji Miyazawa
Title: Mistborn: Secret History, Author: Brandon Sanderson
Title: Tales from High Hallack Volume One, Author: Andre Norton
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Title: Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond, Author: Kim Harrison
Title: The Crush Saga Box Set: Books 1 - 4, Author: Chrissy Peebles
Title: Riana's Revenge, Author: Dale Mayer
Title: Blood Red Box Set Books #1-5 (Blood Red Series, #6), Author: W.J. May
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Title: The Monster Hunter Files, Author: Larry Correia
Title: Funny Fantasy, Author: Alex Shvartsman
Title: The Complete Bloodling Serial: Episodes 1-5 (Bloodling Wolf\ In Deep Shift\ Two Scents' Worth\ Feint of Heart\ Hair Apparent), Author: Aimee Easterling
Title: The Penguin Book of Mermaids, Author: Cristina Bacchilega
Title: Jackalope Wives and Other Stories, Author: T. Kingfisher
Title: Hearts and Stones (Celta HeartMate), Author: Robin D. Owens
Title: Target Rich Environment, Author: Larry Correia
Title: No Dominion, Author: C. E. Murphy
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