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Title: PC World DOS 5 Complete Handbook, Author: John Socha
Title: DOS 5.0 (Mastering), Author: Herbert Schildt
Title: The Ultimate DOS Programmer's Manual, Author: John Mueller
Title: MS-DOS Batch File Programming, Author: Ronny Richardson
Title: First Look at DOS, Author: Gwynne Larsen
Title: DOS Tips: The Introductory Program, Author: GLENCOE
Title: The Complete Idiot's Pocket Guide to MS-DOS 6.2, Author: Kelly Oliver
Title: DOS 6.2 Concepts and Commands, Author: Steven Forsythe
Title: Mastery Approach to MS/ PC DOS 6.2x (Text Only) / Edition 1, Author: Edward J. Coburn
Title: MS-DOS System Programming, Author: David L. Burki
Title: DOStalk Scrapbook, Author: Tom Weishaar
Title: DOS 6.0, Author: Sarah E. Hutchinson
Title: Running MS-DOS, Author: Van Wolverton
Title: MS-DOS beyond 640k, Author: James S. Forney
Title: DOS 6: A Tutorial Accompany Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers, Author: Terrence P. P. O'Donnell
Title: A Mastery Approach to MS/PC DOS 5.0, Author: Edward J. Coburn
Title: Assembly Language Subroutines for MS-DOS Computers, Author: Leo J. Scanlon
Title: Dos Unix Systems: Becoming a Super User, Author: Martin D. Seyer
Title: Step-by-Step DOS 6 / Edition 1, Author: Robert Goldhamer
Title: Peter Norton's DOS Guide, Author: Peter Norton

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