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Title: Running Windows Applications in OS/2: A Power User's Guide, Author: Ayodele Anise
Title: PC Learning Labs Teaches OS-2 2.1, Author: PC Learning Labs
Title: OS/2 Warp Professional Reference, Author: John W. Little
Title: OS/2 Productivity Tool Kit, Author: John Johnston
Title: Running OS-2, Author: Michael I. Hyman
Title: Mastering Os/2 Rexx, Author: Gabriel F. Gargiulo
Title: Your OS/2 Warp Version 3 Consultant, Author: Herbert L. Tyson
Title: OS/2 2.1 Instant Reference, Author: Peter John Dyson
Title: Real World Programming for OS/2 2.11, Author: Derrel R. Blain
Title: OS/2 Warp Presentation Manager API, Author: Joel Barnum
Title: Van Wolverton's Guide to OS-2, Author: Van Wolverton
Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to OS-2, Author: Jennifer Fulton
Title: OS/2 2.1 and NetWare Programming, Author: Lori Gauthier
Title: OS/2 2.1
Title: Dynamtic Data Exchange for OS-2 Programmers, Author: Glenn T. Puchtel
Title: Programming the OS/23 WARP Version 3 GPI, Author: Stephen A. Knight
Title: Voodoo OS-2: Tips and Tricks with an Attitude for OS-2 2.0 and 2.1, Author: Allen G. Taylor
Title: OS/2 for Windows Users, Author: Sharon Crawford
Title: Using OS - 2 2.1 Special Edition, Author: Barry Nance
Title: OS/2 Warp PowerPC: New Frontie, Author: Mary Wright

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