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Title: X Tool Kit: Intrinsics and Athena Widgets, Author: J. McCormack
Title: Interactive Computer Graphics in X / Edition 1, Author: Theodosios Pavlidis
Title: Software Portability with Imake, 2nd Edition, Author: Paul DuBois
Title: X: A Guide for Users / Edition 1, Author: Jerry D. Smith
Title: OSF Motif Users Guide, Author: Series Osffmotif
Title: XWIN Reference Manual, Author: Sally A. Browning
Title: X Toolkit Instrinsics Programming Manual, Author: Adrian Nye
Title: Object-Oriented Programming with the X Window System Toolkits, Author: Jerry D. Smith
Title: X Window System: The Complete Reference to Xlib, X Protocol, ICCM, XLFD, X Version 11, Release 5, Author: Robert Scheifler
Title: Motif Programming in the X Window Environment, Author: William A. Parrette
Title: OSF-Motif Programmer's Guide, Author: Osf Motif Series Staff
Title: X WINDOW SYSTEM: COMP REF C EYE755EDP, Author: Robert W. Scheifler
Title: Distributed Window Systems: A Practical Guide to X11 and News, Author: Allan Davison
Title: X Windows Developer's Technical Reference, Author: Steven Mikes
Title: A Practical Guide to X Window Programming: Developing Applications with the XT Intrinsics OSF-Motif, Author: Mr. Brian J. Keller
Title: Xlib Programming Manual and Reference Manual, Author: Adrian Nye
Title: X Window System Programming, Author: Nabajyoti Barkakati
Title: OSF-Motif Programmer's Reference, Release 1.1, Author: Open Software Foundation
Title: Motif Programming Manual, Author: David Brennan
Title: Using Motif with C++, Author: Daniel J. Bernstein

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