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Title: Ancient Sentinel, Author: Katie Reus
Title: The Norse Protector, Author: Leigh Ann Edwards
Title: Hoofin' It, Author: R. J. Blain
#2 in Series
Title: Born of Blood, Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
#2 in Series
Title: Dance of the Dryad, Author: Bianca D'Arc
#1 in Series
Title: Dark Alpha's Command, Author: Donna Grant
#15 in Series
Title: Ancient Warrior, Author: Katie Reus Pre-Order Now
Title: Lords of the Hunt, Author: Kate King Pre-Order Now
Title: Dance of Wings, Author: Jamie A. Waters Pre-Order Now
Title: When a Moth loved a Bee: High Fantasy Romance, Author: Pepper Winters
Title: Bend Her: A Dark Beauty and the Beast Fantasy Romance, Author: Cassie Alexander Pre-Order Now
Title: The Angel of Paragon, Author: Genevieve Jack Pre-Order Now
Title: The Ruin of Gods: A Chronicles of the Stone Veil Novel, Author: Sawyer Bennett Pre-Order Now
Title: Fury and Flame: Book One of The Witching Hour Series, Author: H. R. Camarillo
Title: Blood Crown: In a World Ruled by Men, Only Women Will Reign, Author: Elizabeth Brown
Title: Phoenix Unbound, Author: Grace Draven
Title: The Riven Thief: A Stone Veil Novel, Author: Sawyer Bennett Pre-Order Now
Title: La Petite Mort, Author: Olivie Blake
Title: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld, Author: Patricia A. McKillip
Title: Magical Midlife Invasion, Author: K.F. Breene

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