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Title: Alex and Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence - and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process, Author: Irene Pepperberg
Title: Guinea Fowl, Backyard Poultry: Keeping Guinea Fowl, Author: June Rose
Title: Cockatiels: A Guide to Caring for Your Cockatiel, Author: Angela Davids
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Title: Budgies: A Guide to Caring for Your Parakeet, Author: Angela Davids
Title: Budgerigar: How a Brave, Chatty and Colourful Little Aussie Bird Stole the World's Heart, Author: Sarah Harris
Title: African Grey Parrots. African Grey Parrot Owners Manual. African Grey Parrot care, interaction, feeding, training and common mistakes., Author: Martin Monderdale
Title: Muscovy Duck: Raising Muscovy Ducks, Author: June Rose
Title: Conures as Pets - Including Information about Sun Conures and Green-Cheeked Conures, Author: Taylor David
Title: Parrot Tricks: Teaching Parrots with Positive Reinforcement, Author: Tani Robar
Title: Lovebirds: A Guide to Caring for Your Lovebird, Author: Nikki Moustaki
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Title: Quaker Parrot. Quaker Parrots as pets. Quaker Parrot Keeping, Pros and Cons, Care, Housing, Diet and Health., Author: Roger Rodendale
Title: A Guide to Owning and Caring for a Parrot - Tips for Training, Taming, Breeding and Housing these Beautiful Birds, Author: Various
Title: Pionus Parrots, Author: Tammy Gagne
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eBook $8.99 $9.99 Current price is $8.99, Original price is $9.99.
Title: The Waterfowl And Wading Birds Manual: A Guide To Keeping Geese, Ducks And Other Wading Birds, Author: Water Fowl
Title: A Guide to Parrots and Parakeets - A Concise Guide to Buying and Caring for These Beautiful Birds, Author: Anon
Title: Finch Care Made Easy, Author: Scott Trinder
Title: Of Parrots and People: The Sometimes Funny, Always Fascinating, and Often Catastrophic Collision of Two Intelligent Species, Author: Mira Tweti
Title: Parrot Parenting: The Essential Care and Training Guide to +20 Parrot Species, Author: Carol Frischmann
Title: The Backyard Chickens Handbook: What You Need to Know to Raise Backyard Chickens, Author: M. Anderson
Title: Pigeon Racing: Beginners Guide, Author: Dacian Busecan

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