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Title: Ancient Horsemen of Siberia, Author: Janet Buell
Title: Thoroughbreds, Author: Lynn M. Stone
Title: Drawing and Learning About Horses: Using Shapes and Lines, Author: Amy Bailey Muehlenhardt
Title: Horse and Pony Breeds, Author: Jackie Budd
Title: Arabian Horses, Author: Hans-Jorg Schrenk
Title: Show Horses, Author: Margaret Fetty
Title: Horse and Pony Care, Author: Jackie Budd
Title: Equestrian Sports, Author: Ron Thomas
Title: Learning to Ride Horses and Ponies, Author: Jackie Budd
Title: Understanding Horses and Ponies (The Complete Guides to Horses and Ponies Series), Author: Jackie Budd
Title: Icelandic Ponies, Author: Tomas Micek
Title: Lipizzaner Horses, Author: Tomas Micek
Title: The Buffalo Hunters, Author: Time-Life Books
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