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Title: Rabbits, Author: Melanie S. Mitchell
Title: Books for Young Explorers: Along a Rocky Shore; Animal Families; Lions and Tigers and Leopards: The Big Cats; Our Amazing Animal Friends, Author: Donald J. Crump
Title: Rabbits and Hares, Author: Emilie U. Lepthien
Title: What Do You Call a Dumb Bunny? and Other Rabbit Riddles, Games, Jokes and Cartoons, Author: Marc Brown
Title: Guinea Pigs, Author: Martha E. Rustad
Title: A Guinea Pig for You: Caring for Your Guinea Pig, Author: Susan Blackaby
Title: Gipper the Guinea Pig, Author: Jane Burton
Title: Books for Young Explorers, Author: Donald J. Crump
Title: Hamsters, Author: Kate Petty
Title: Just Guinea Pig Photos! Big Book of Photographs & Pictures of Guinea Pigs, Vol. 1, Author: Big Book of Photos
Title: Rabbit, Author: Sally Tagholm
Title: Pet Hamsters, Author: Jerome Wexler
Title: Rabbit, Author: Mark Evans
Title: Cobayos, Author: Kate Petty
Title: Guinea Pigs, Author: Anita Ganeri
Title: Hamster, Author: Barrie Watts
Title: Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies, Author: Walter Retan
Title: Hamsters, Author: S. Meredith
Title: Freckles the Rabbit, Author: Jane Burton
Title: Millie and Cupcake, Author: mildred potash

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