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Title: Keeping Amphibians, Author: Andrew R. Gray
Title: Snakes and Such, Author: Alvin Silverstein
Title: Spring Peepers Are Calling, Author: Charlene W. Billings
Title: Furred & Feathered Friends: The Cracked Turtle, Author: Nancy Clark Townsend
Title: You and Your Pet: Terrarium Pets, Author: Phillip Orso Steinberg
Title: Snakes, Author: John Coborn
Title: Salamanders, Author: Clare Hibbert
Title: Snake Secrets, Author: Joan M. Roever
Title: A Terrarium in Your Home, Author: William White
Title: Tadpoles, Author: Theresa Greenaway
Title: Snakes, Author: Sonia Hernandez-Divers
Title: Terrarium Habitats/Grades K-6: Teacher's Guide, Author: Kimi Hosoume
Title: Snakes, Author: Susan Schafer
Title: That Snake in the Grass, Author: Hess Lilo
Title: Salamanders, Author: Peter Heathcote
Title: The Wild Side of Pet Lizards, Author: Jo Waters
Title: Keeping Snakes, Author: David Manning
Title: Keeping Lizards, Author: Barrons Educational Series
Title: Best Seller Big Snake Picture Book ( Reptile, slither, pet, constrictor, venom, Cobra, Boa, Garden, moccasin, rattle snake, anaconda, viper, sea snake, water snake, corn snake, pets, pet, science, nature, wildlife, photography, anti venom ), Author: Resounding Wind eBooks
Title: Chameleons: Care and Breeding, Author: W. Schmidt

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