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Title: Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World, Author: Nicholas Ostler
Title: The Study of Language 6th Edition / Edition 6, Author: George Yule
Title: World of Our Fathers: The Journey of the East European Jews to America and the Life They Found and Made, Author: Irving Howe
Title: Poetics and Rhetoric (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Aristotle
Title: Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics, 12th Edition / Edition 12, Author: Department of Linguistics
Title: You're Saying It Wrong: A Pronunciation Guide to the 150 Most Commonly Mispronounced Words--and Their Tangled Histories of Misuse, Author: Ross Petras
Title: The Adventure of English: The Biography of a Language, Author: Melvyn Bragg
Title: Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries, Author: Kory Stamper
Title: The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers / Edition 3, Author: Christopher Vogler
Title: Kant and the Platypus: Essays on Language and Cognition, Author: Umberto Eco
Title: ReMix: Reading and Composing Culture / Edition 3, Author: Catherine G. Latterell
Title: The Greek & Latin Roots of English / Edition 5, Author: Tamara M. Green
Title: A History of the English Speaking Peoples, Volume 1 - The Birth of Britain (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading), Author: Winston S. Churchill
Title: The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Author: Manly P. Hall
Title: Fundamentals of Phonetics: A Practical Guide for Students / Edition 4, Author: Larry H. Small
Title: Contemporary & Classic Arguments: A Portable Anthology / Edition 2, Author: Sylvan Barnet
Title: Remembering the Kanji 1: A Complete Course on How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Japanese Characters / Edition 6, Author: James W. Heisig
Title: Wisdom Sits in Places: Landscape and Language among the Western Apache / Edition 1, Author: Keith H. Basso
Title: Language in Mind: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics / Edition 1, Author: Julie Sedivy
Title: Advocacy and Opposition: An Introduction to Argumentation / Edition 7, Author: Karyn Charles Rybacki

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