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Title: Real Estate Photography for Everybody: Boost Your Sales with Any Camera, Author: Ron Castle
eBook $14.99 $19.95 Current price is $14.99, Original price is $19.95.
Title: The Business of Real Estate Photography, Author: Steven Ungermann
Title: Photographer's Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business, Author: Vik Orenstein
Title: That Photo Makes Me Hungry: Photographing Food for Fun & Profit, Author: Andrew Scrivani
Title: Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos: Learn How to Sell Your Photographs Worldwide, Author: Rohn Engh
Title: Photographer's Market 2018, Author: Noel Rivera
Title: Crusade for Your Art: Best Practices for Fine Art Photographers, Author: Schwartz Jennifer
Title: Photographers at Work: Essential Business and Production Skills for Photographers in Editorial, Design, and Advertising, Author: Martin Evening
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Title: Lighting for Product Photography: The Digital Photographer's Step-By-Step Guide to Sculpting with Light, Author: Allison Earnest
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Title: Professional Secrets of Wedding Photography / Edition 1, Author: Douglas Allen Box
Title: Opportunities in Photography Careers, Author: Irvin Borowsky
Title: Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism / Edition 2, Author: Brian Horton
Title: Mastering Landscape Photography: The Luminous Landscape Essays, Author: Alain Briot
Title: Pricing Photography: The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices, Author: Michal Heron
Title: Digital Wedding Photographer's Planner, Author: Kenny Kim
Title: Selling Your Photography: How to Make Money in New and Traditional Markets, Author: Richard Weisgrau
Title: El manual del estilista, Author: Irma Martinez
Title: Making Money from Photography in Every Conceivable Way, Author: Steve Bavister
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Title: Jeff Smith's Senior Portrait Photography Handbook: A Guide for Professional Digital Photographers, Author: Jeff Smith
Title: Lighting Techniques for Photographing Model Portfolios: Strategies for Digital Photographers, Author: Billy Pegram

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