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Title: The Pope and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe, Author: David I. Kertzer
Title: Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, Author: Simon Dunstan
Title: Nixon and Mao: The Week That Changed the World, Author: Margaret MacMillan
Title: Stalin: Waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941, Author: Stephen Kotkin
Title: Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography, Author: John Toland
Title: Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939, Author: Volker Ullrich
Title: Hitler, Author: Joachim Fest
Title: Stalin, Volume I: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928, Author: Stephen Kotkin
Title: The Real Odessa: How Peron Brought The Nazi War Criminals To Argentina, Author: Uki Goni
Title: Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar, Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
Title: Hunting Hitler: New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Nazi Germany, Author: Jerome R. Corsi PhD
Title: Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare, Author: Philip Short
Title: Ratline: Soviet Spies, Nazi Priests, and the Disappearance of Adolf Hitler, Author: Peter Levenda
Title: A Concise Biography of Adolf Hitler, Author: Thomas Fuchs
Title: Mao: The Unknown Story, Author: Jung Chang
Title: Stalin: New Biography of a Dictator, Author: Oleg V. Khlevniuk
Title: Mao: The Real Story, Author: Alexander V. Pantsov
Title: Mussolini: The Rise and Fall of Il Duce: The Rise and Fall of Il Duce, Author: Christopher Hibbert
Title: Stalin: Breaker of Nations, Author: Robert Conquest
Title: The Greatest Battle: Stalin, Hitler, and the Desperate Struggle for Moscow That Changed the Course of World War II, Author: Andrew Nagorski

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