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Title: Diagnosis: Mercury: Money, Politics, and Poison / Edition 2, Author: Jane Marie Hightower
Title: Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America's Children, Author: Gerald Markowitz
Title: A Basic Guide to RCRA: Understanding Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Author: Salvatore Caccavale
Title: RCRA Waste Management: Planning, Implementation and Assessment of Sampling Activities, Author: William M. Cosgrove
Title: Biotechnology for the Treatment of Hazardous Waste, Author: Daphne L. Stoner
Title: Valuing Contaminated Properties: An Appraisal Anthology, Author: Richard J. Roddewig
Title: Coal Country: Rising Up Against Mountaintop Removal Mining, Author: Shirley Stewart Burns
Title: Rowing the Eternal Sea: The Story of a Minamata Fisherman, Author: Keibo Oiwa
Title: Transport and Remediation of Subsurface Contaminants: Colloidal, Interfacial, and Surfactant Phenomena, Author: David A. Sabatini
Title: Hazardous Waste Management at Educational Institutions, Author: Richard Bingler
Title: Beyond NIMBY: Hazardous Waste Siting in Canada and the United States, Author: Barry George Rabe
Title: Evaluation of Remedial Action Unit Operations at Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites, Author: John R. Ehrenfeld
Title: The Hazardous Waste Dilemma: Issues and Solutions, Author: John P. Collins
Title: Lead Poisoning in Childhood, Author: Siegfried M. Pueschel
Title: Guide to Management of Hazardous Waste: A Handbook for the Businessman and the Concerned Citizen, Author: J. William Haun
Title: Nuclear and Toxic Waste, Author: Stuart A. Kallen
Title: Diagnosis and Therapy of Porphyrias and Lead Toxication, Author: M. Doss
Title: Superfund Risk Assessment in Soil Contamination Studies, Author: Keith B. Hoddinott
Title: How to Prepare for a Government Inspection of Facilities, Author: Stephen D. Hoffman
Title: The Evolution of Hazardous Waste Programs: Lessons from Eight Countries, Author: Katherine N. Probst

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