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Title: Inside Japanese Ceramics: Primer of Materials, Techniques, and Traditions, Author: Richard L. Wilson
Title: Chinese Potter, Author: Margaret Medley
Title: Radiance and Virtue: The R. Norris Shreve Collection of Chinese Jade and Other Oriental Works of Art, Author: Katherine R. Tsiang
Title: Ice and Green Clouds: Traditions of Chinese Celadon, Author: Yutaka Mino
Title: Joined Colors : Decoration and Meaning in Chinese Porcelain : Ceramics from Collectors in the Min Chiu Society, Hong Kong, Author: Louise Allison Cort
Title: Early Chinese Ceramics, Author: Mart Young
Title: Hirado: Prince of Porcelains, Author: Louis Lawrence
Title: Made in Japan Ceramics, 1921-1941: With Price Guide, Author: Barbara Ifert
Title: Shoji Hamada: A Potter's Way and Work, Author: Susan Peterson
Title: Modern Japanese Ceramics in American Collections, Author: Frederick Baekeland
Title: A Myriad of Autumn Leaves: Japanese Art from the Kurt and Millie Gitter Collection, Author: Stephen Addiss
Title: Ancient Greek Pottery, Joslyn Art Museum, Author: Ann Steiner
Title: The Brooklyn Museum: Japanese Ceramics, Author: Robert J. Moes
Title: Modern Japanese Ceramics: Pathways of Innovation & Tradition, Author: Anneliese Crueger
Title: Folk Art Potters of Japan: Beyond an Anthropology of Aesthetics, Author: Brian Moeran
Title: Yang-ts'ai: The Foreign Colors: Rose Porcelians of the Ch'ing Dynasty, Author: H. A. Forbes
Title: Imari: Japenese Porcelain for European Palaces, The Freda and Ralph Lupin Collection, Author: New Orleans Museum of Art
Title: Chinese Ceramics: Highlights of the Sir Percival David Collection, Author: Regina Krahl
Title: The Creative Independence of Late Bronze Age Cyprus: An Account of the Archaeological Importance of White Slip Ware, Author: Kathryn O Eriksson
Title: Helen D. Ling Collection of Chinese Ceramics, Author: University of Washington Press

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